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D1 Mold: D1 is our Original mold and has a mellow concave with mellow kicks. D1 has a longer wheelbase than our D2 mold so it's not as aggressive, The length of these decks are 98 mm.

D2 Mold: D2 has a shorter wheelbase and a bit higher kicks. It might feel more aggressive and more responsive than the D1. The length of these decks are 96mm.

D3 Mold: D3 features a comfy and responsive feel. It has similar kicks to the D2 mold but the length of a D1. Which makes it responsive yet a lot of control. The length of these decks are 97 mm.

D4 mold: D4 is the latest mold featuring the best drone all above. It has the same mellow feel as a D1 but with a shorter wheelbase which makes it more responsive yet a super mellow deck. Length of these are 97mm

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